In recent years I’ve spent a fair bit of time travelling around Asia, and some of that time has been spent tapping away at an ipad about the one subject I know a fair bit about – making musical instruments.

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luthier book

Making a living in lutherie:

from amatuer to professional

A practical ebook guide to running your own shop, a guide to dealing with some of the common pitfalls that beset luthiers.

156 pages. Comes as a pdf.

This is not a physical book. It’s an ebook. A pdf.

I could do with reading myself from time to time…



The luthier blog ebook

The Luthier blog ran for about a year and LOADS of top makers contributed to it. The posts cover all manner of topics from giving guitars away(?) to dealing with your first customer. A great read if you’re interested in making or repairing musical instruments.

This is not a physical book. It’s an ebook. A pdf.

234 pages, comes as a pdf.



Between the ideal and the possible

Dave Best took the photographs and I write/rant about instrument design. Not many left, and a beautiful book with lots of great pictures to drool over.

136 pages, and is an actual book. A real one. Soft bound and high quality.

This is a physical book! Paper! No ebook version available.