Custom acoustic guitar pickguards – handmade


You may have read in this post what a pain it was importing good quality custom Tor-tis pick guards into Germany from the USA, so I started to make them myself and now offer a limited number every month for sale to fit the popular makes of guitar out there.

They are designed to look like the old vintage faux-tortoise shell pick guards from the 40s and 50s. Pre-cast, impact and scratch resistant handmade pick guards. Made from a chemically inert, non shrinking modern resin. Backed with a high quality adhesive film, ready to attach to your guitar.




The pick guards are available in standard common sizes to fit American style flat top guitars like Martin OM (small and medium) D35, D45, D18, D28 and Gibson LOO. As well as faux-tortoise shell, you can also have jet black or faux-nitro swirl. They all look smart!



If you’d like a custom guard making, let me know and I can send you the details needed to make it for you. Or you can buy a sheet of the material and make your own.

Batch custom orders from fellow luthiers welcome.

Click here to go to my eBay listings to see what is currently for sale and ready to ship.