The best sharpening jig in the world pt2

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The best sharpening jig in the world pt2

Is this the best sharpening jig ever?

Following a post a couple of weeks back, I had a few emails asking about my version of the jig. well here it is – it ain’t pretty but it really is great.


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Instead of a metal rod with an adjustable collar I’ve used the leg from a cheap cameral tripod. Adjusting the height is easy!


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The tool clamp is simple enough – wide enough to take most blades.


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As for the stone itself – I went into a discount store with my straight edge and went through all the granite plates they had in the kitchen department, picked out the best one and stuck some abrasive paper to it. The yellow 240 grit is good enough to get rid of any nicks, and the wet/dry papers start at 600 and go through to 2000 grit (these are European grits which are a little different to US ones I believe)


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On the end of the tool support is a screw in hook to slip over the pole. Set your angle by raising or lowering the “knuckle” and off you go!

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It just occurred to me you could make an even simpler version just by embedding the pole in the end of your workbench or clamping it to the end, then it would take up even less space. If you come up with another version, let me know!


sharpening jig

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