Sharpening thumb plane blades

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Sharpening thumb plane blades

Sharpening thumb plane blades


…can be a bit of a pain, which is why I made this little gadget.


small sharpener 1


I use those minature  violin makers planes quite a bit these days – for shaping braces and for shaping the bridge after it’s glued to the top, but getting a good keen edge on those tiny blades can be a bit fiddly.


small sharpener 2


This mahogany jig helps hold that little blade at a set angle. And the dowel that sicks out acts as a pivot. It’s not perfect – it  doesn’t do everything for you. There is still some skill required, but at least “the main” grinding angle is fixed. Then it’s a case of sweeping/rotating the blade on your stone keeping an eye on the curve you’re making.


small sharpener 5


If you know of any simple ways to improve the guide, drop me a line and I shall share it on the blog.

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