Between the ideal and the possible

Between the ideal and the possible

Between the ideal and the possible,

by NK Forster and Dave Best



If you’re interested in guitar design then this book may well be for you: hundreds of superb photographs, together with essays about subjects I consider important to this trade – sound, design, timber selection, construction, beauty, longevity, playability, intonation, the battle between hand and machine work as well as the motivation and rationale behind my work and experiments. A great book for luthiers.


“Just received this beautiful book. The writing and pictures in this work simply blew me away. What an ideal approach.”

Michael G, Quebec

“It’s a gem of a book. Both musicians and luthiers can get inspiration from the essays and the photos. Anyone can enjoy the aesthetics in the superb photos.”

Reidar Faich, Norway

“Dave’s photographs are beautiful and expressive, and Nigel’s essays about subjects like sound, design, timber and many more are just superb. The best book about guitar making I’ve read so far. A must for anybody interested in that trade in my view.”

Alex Hanslik, Vienna, Austria

“It’s hard to imagine how many hours photographer Dave Best must have put in at luthier NK Forster’s workshop…he captures the guitar making process from start-to-finish and seems to be at just the right spot for all the artsy wood shaving, gluing, sanding and bracing shots imaginable. The photography Best captured is some of the nicest we’ve seen on the art of lutherie and the text, penned by Forster, is filled with informative passages that will appeal to any acoustic guitar nut.”

Fretboard Journal USA

This beautifully laid out soft-back book for guitar makers, has 136, 270mm x 210mm litho printed pages, and costs £24.00 plus £ 2.75 postage and packing.

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