Getting your guitar head on straight!

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Getting your guitar head on straight!

Getting your guitar head on straight without measuring!


Should be easy shouldn’t it? But it’s even easier to it it slightly off. That’s why I came up with this simple jig to help me get my guitar heads on straight every time without having to measure anything!

It all starts with your truss rod slot – as long as it is central, this little jig will work a treat. Begin by roughing out the slot through the head veneer.



The jig consists of three parts – your headstock templates – which have two locating holes on the centre line. My head tempates are made on a cnc of tufnol these days and also have my tuner locating holes drilled in. The templates you see below are for my bouzouki type instruments, but that makes no difference to this thread…



Then comes the jig itself which consists of a mild steel bar – the same thickness as your truss rod slot. Make sure the bar is straight and flat. The bar sits snug in the truss rod slot right up to the nut. ┬áThere is also a wood jig that slots onto the bar and holds the template in place whilst you double tape it to the head.


This part of the jig fits snugly on the mild steel bar. See how it works yet?



To see this working “in action” I’ve made a little video – the video goes on to show you not only how I get the head on straight without having to measure anything, but also how I drill the┬átuner holes, chip and splinter free, in the right place and without any fancy set up.





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